Birding in the Texas Hill Country

Eagles nesting near Llano, Texas. Photo courtesy of the Llano News.

Eagles nest along Highway 29 near Llano, Texas. Photo courtesy of the Llano News.

One of the many attractions of Riverway RV Park is the variety of birds found in the Texas Hill Country. Approximately 300 species of birds appear in the Hill Country area.

Right in our RV park you can spot roadrunners, mocking birds, doves, ducks, cranes, herons, woodpeckers, scissortails and many more.

The region’s most notable birds are the bald eagles that come to spend the winter in the Llano River Basin since 2003 in nests clearly seen from Highway 29 about nine miles east of Llano. You can still see it from the highway, and the parking area has been moved several yards for easier viewing. Through the years the Llano County eagle nest has become a social gathering.

In fact, birding in the Texas Hill Country is great all year long as it is located in the overlap zone of ranges of eastern and western bird species as well as some north and south species.

In the summer months you can find both the eastern ruby-throated hummingbird and the western black-chinned hummingbirds visiting feeders and wildflowers. Western common ravens and eastern American crows, Eastern and Western meadowlarks, western golden-fronted and eastern downy woodpeckers are other examples of this overlap. Southern birds found here include black-bellied whistling ducks, white-winged and common ground doves, and crested caracara. In the winter months birders can find northern species like pine siskins, American goldfinches, Harris sparrows, and golden-crown kinglets.

Nearby are some popular bird watching areas, such as the new Live Oak Wilderness Nature Trail in Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park located three miles south of Fredericksburg on Texas Highway 16. The three-quarter mile long trail occurs near the lake dam just after entry into the park and is marked by signs. More than one half of the birds occurring in Gillespie County have been seen in Lady Bird Johnson Park, so it is an excellent place to start your birding adventure. Rarities seen in the park include zone-tailed hawk, yellow-crowned night-heron, MacGillvray’s warbler, sora rail, gray catbirds, black-capped vireos, golden-cheeked warblers and green kingfishers.

A number of beautiful state parks are located within approximately one hour’s drive of our park. Lost Maples and Enchanted Rock state natural areas, Pedernales Falls, South Llano, Inks Lake, LBJ and Kerrville-Schreiner state parks offer a variety of outdoor activities including birding, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and scenic viewing.

A big thanks to, which provided much of the information for this blog.

This is just a taste of what we have to offer in the Hill Country. We’ll explore more about our region and our park in future blogs. Please visit us on Facebook or our website at and plan to stay with us real soon.




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